Multilingual Typesetting & Multimedia Services

Our desktop publishing and design specialists provide expert solutions to the challenges of localizing artwork and marketing/advertising materials. Their job is to ensure that the translated text and localized graphics fit neatly on every page, displaying as close to the original as possible. Multimedia files are created as if they were developed originally in each of your target languages.

Artwork and Marketing/Advertising Collateral

We produce technical documentation as well as marketing & advertising materials designed for online publishing or ready for print, in several authoring and design applications.

User Documentation

We generate user documentation in online or print output in multiple formats, and perform quality checks with our in-country reviewers on the finalized localized material.

eLearning, Video, and Voice-over

We localize e-learning courses, training material and videos. We provide video transcription services and video script translation, and we work with voice-over artists or text-to-speech to add narration to your multimedia content in the required languages.