Translation Project Process

  1. Project analysis, upon request for quotation from client
    • Analyzing files and reference material received from client
    • Confirming client requirements and objectives
    • Evaluating cost and time frame for the requested services
  2. Project Preparation, after order confirmation from client
    • Organizing and assigning internal and external resources
    • Defining project schedule and milestones
    • Researching terminology and creating translation memories
    • Pre-translation activities (e.g., reviewing content to ensure translatability or preparing files for conversion in translatable formats)
  3. Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP process)
    • Translation – Performed by a native speaker in the target language, who is experienced in the specific subject of the translation material.
    • Review and editing of the initial translation by a second native speaker to ensure fidelity to the original, accurate meaning of the translation, and consistency in style and terminology.
    • Proofreading the final translation performed by a third native speaker to ensure the correctness of text (sentence structure, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, etc.)
  4. Post-translation activities (if required by the client)
    • Conversion of translated files to original format or multiple other formats
    • Desktop and/or online publishing
    • Editing of screen captures or images
  5. Delivery of finalized files to the client

Post-Project Activities

  • Updating/Cleaning up translation memories and term bases
  • Assessing customer satisfaction
  • Archiving project files and customer requirements, instructions and e-mail exchange